Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Woman Buried Alive By Man She Met Online After He Mistook Her For Dead

In a very chilling case, A man in Morocco has been arrested after burying alive a new girlfriend he met online. After hitting it off on the web,25-year-old French woman Mina El Houari travelled to Morroco to see the unnamed man ,but when she got to his home in the city of Fez she fell seriously ill.
Not knowing she was a diabetic, the man said who said he 'watched her fall unconscious' and 'thinking she was dead' buried her.
 According to police reports, she was still conscious but suffocated and died once covered in mounds of earth. Mina had been staying in a five star hotel in Fez, and when she failed to contact staff, or relatives back home, the alarm was raised.

A Moroccan police spokesman said they originally found a pair of muddy trousers and a shovel at the suspect's home, but then Mia's body was uncovered.

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