Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Why Bibles Are Present In Hotel Rooms


Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms have Bibles? Well I have and here is there true story behind that tradition.
The hotel Bibles are basically Gideon Bibles which was named after Gideon International. It is a group of male missionaries who provided Bibles to hotels all over the nation.

It all started back in 1898 when John H. Nicholson stayed at Central Hotel in Boscobel, Wisconsin. Due to the crowded hotel, he shared a room with Samuel E. Hill. Both were Christians and prayed together until they started to discuss about the creation of an association of travelling Christian businessmen.

Throughout the years, the association amassed a number of members who are all wandering Christian businessmen who stayed for a while in different hotels. In 1908, it was the start of the Bible Project which has the goal of putting a Bible in every hotel room since it is simply a gracious act. The Bibles given were paid for by the donations given to the group.

The Gideon members presented a Bible to the hotel manager during the opening of the hotel. Every hotel room was provided with Bibles that were distributed by the hotel employees.


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