Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WATCH: Edo State Lawmakers In Free For All Fight

If this wasn't so pathetic and shmefull it would have been hilarious! Full grown men comporting themselves like children.
 The crisis in the Edo State House of Assembly, yesterday, Monday, 23rd of June, 2014 took another turn when four lawmakers were served their suspension notice by a court bailiff.  Instead of them yielding to what they have been served, they insisted on taking part at the sitting yesterday. Some of their colleagues, who felt they were breaking the law, resisted them physically and it became a free for all fight.

The police commissioner was immediately invited and he suggested they would be screened before getting in, but the suspended lawmakers immediately opposed him and another fight ensued. In the video a man could be heard saying, who wan shoot me make he shoot me, repeatedly.   Such a drama! Just Watch!!

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