Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kefee In Coma And On LIfe Support In Las Vegas PLEASE PRAY

This is very sad news that I picked up on SDK this morning. Please let us join hands and pray for KEFEE DON MOMOH. According to SDK
I have been going back and forth with this info and confused whether to keep it to myself for fear of making this viral or calling on people to join hands and pray for KEFEE DON MOMOH.
I have also been crying and i do not know what to believe..

Kefee ALLEGEDLY has brain damage and is presently on life support with her heart beat fluctuating....she is in a hospital in Las vegas and is not responding to treatment just now.
Her husband Teddy just arrived America yesterday to be by his wife's bedside....OMG.

PLEASE PRAY FOR KEFEE TO WAKE UP FROM COMA...She has been in coma since she collapsed in the plane and did not send any press release thanking people for praying for her a few days back.
Someone else has also been on her social network handle.


View Point has been a huge fan of Kefee, since the days of "Branama", and so this news comes as a huge shock. Saw the news of her collapse on the airline and did not carry it because I felt there was nothing serious to it. Well I seem to have been proven wrong.

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