Sunday, 1 June 2014

Atlantic Ocean Overflows At Alpha Beach, People Displaced As Lekki Is Threatened

The is almost a yearly occurrence View Point wonders why the government has not done anything serious about checking this menace. Shouldn't the management of Ocean View Estate consider doing something about the lack of drainage in the area to protect the choice property in the estate?

The Atlantic Ocean overflowed its banks at the Alpha Beach area today leaving residents of Lekki in a state of panic.
Reports say the flooding was aggravated due to the absence of proper drainage in the area around Ocean View Estate which suffered much of the flooding.

Residents complain that the disaster is becoming a yearly occurrence with no hope of respite.
People living around Okun Alfa area of Lekki have their houses submerged in water with properties worth millions of naira destroyed due to the flooding. More important is the health implications of the flooding with residents fearing a full blown epidemic.
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According to blogger Linda Ikeji,  “The place is a mess right now. The sea is surging, everywhere is flooded and due to lack of drainage the waters not flowing out and people can no longer go there to have fun. This happens yearly but nothing is being done about it. Is there anything the government can do about it though?”

Photo credit: H/T LIB, @Ogaugust451

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