Friday, 23 May 2014

True Story Behind 80 -Year -Old Woman Accused Of Being A Flying Witch In Ajegunle

Yesterday, the story of an 80-year-old woman turned bird went viral on print and social media.She was saved from lynching by the police If you missed it , read it here. Her sons have surfaced and she is not a witch but got missing. She wandered off from their Iju Ishaga home some days ago and her family had been looking for her.They were shocked to see her in the newspapers..
A policeman told Punch

    “This morning two men came to the command claiming that they were the sons of the woman. The men said their mother was not a witch and were very angry with the manner the rumour was spreading. They said they were shocked that youths could attack an old woman in her 80s and they were even asking for justice because the woman sustained bruises on her head.”

Police PRO Ngozi Braide said ...

    Yes she has been released to her son. The family said due to her old age, she was very ill and was brought from Ibadan to Lagos to stay with one of her sons. The woman’s daughter-in-law said she went to buy drugs for her nearby, but by the time she returned home, the woman had left the house.”

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