Friday, 9 May 2014


World's richest selfie

Selfies are trending even  Pope Francis has taken his fair share of selfies.
The selfie fever has gripped the world with millions taking that special kind of photo including the rich, the powerful and the famous.
President Barack Obama joined the trend during the funeral of late Nelson Mandela and one can’t forget Ellen DeGeneres's selfie taken during the Oscars, a selfie that became the world's most popular forget the world’s most popular selfie, which got over 4 million retweets.

Well the picture above is the world’s richest selfie featuring Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and his financial partner Charlie Munger who have a combined net worth of  $143 billion.
The woman in the photo is Becky Quick,  the anchor of  CNBC Squawk Box, the show on which the photo was taken.
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