Monday, 19 May 2014



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All these sad bad news we read and hear everyday leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions most times. I want us to take some time off and try to reconnect with our maker with these simple bible questions once in a while. God is able never doubt that.!!

1. How long did Saul wait for Samuel at Gil gal before making the burnt offering himself?

2. Which Philistine city was destroyed by Saul that made the Philistines believe Israel was in revolt?

3. What is the name of King Saul's home town?

4. Where was Saul crowned?

5. Which parts of dagon were cut off after the second day of the presence of the Ark of God in its    temple?

6. Into which town was the ark of God taken after it left Ashdod?

7. What does the name Ichabod mean?

8. How old was Eli when he died?

9. How many children did Hannah have after Samuel?

10. From where did Jesus come to be baptised by John the Baptist?

11. Quote Mathew 3 v 8.

12. In the Gospel of Mathew how many chapters does the sermon on the mountain cover?

13. In the Beatitudes to which sets of people does the kingdom of God belong?

14. Which prophet made the prophecy about the 30 pieces of silver used to buy the porters field?

15. How many people were feed by Jesus at the sea of Galilee?

Follow the link for answers answers to 15 questions for you
Remember no cheating!!
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