Wednesday, 28 May 2014

RISKY: Lady Puts Her Head Inside Crocodile's Jaw For £4 A Day (PHOTOS)

Can you really do anything for money? This young lady seems ton be doing some real dangerous stuff for money, a miserly 4 pounds  if you ask View Point.
Everyday this Crocodile Trainee risks her life for a miserly fee of £4 by placing her head in a crocodile's jaws just  to pull in crowds at a Thai zoo. She does it alongside her more experienced trainer at Pattaya Crocodile Farm.
Each year, many die as some of the crocodiles slam their jaws shut .Their trick is to use a bamboo stick to put the crocodile in a trance before placing their heads in its wide mouth..

Ian Maclean,who shot the footage during a recent trip to the show said "One performers actually did have his head crushed while locked in the massive jaws of a crocodile.'"
I just Can't.

See more photos below:

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