Sunday, 11 May 2014



A 20 -year -old man was arrested in Oyo for allegedly sexually abusing a toddler, the daughter of one of his father's tenants.
20-year-old Afeez Raimi is said to have stuck his finger into the vagina of his 2-year-old victim to the extent  that she started to bleed.
Raimi, in his defence, said that the young girl had come into his room and laid on his bed and it was when he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear that he got aroused.

The Tribune reports:

    Afeez was arrested on Sunday, May 4, at Benbo area of Apata, Ibadan, Oyo State where he lived with his parents, after a 35-year-old man, Mr Adebimpe Gafari reported at Kuola police station that the boy defiled his daughter with his finger, so much that the girl bled.

    Residents of the area were reported to have descended on the suspect, stripped him naked, and beat him until he was rescued by the police who took him into custody.
    Afeez, who said he was a tailor, narrated how the incident occurred during an interview with Crime Reports:

“The two-year-old girl followed me into my room as I came in from outside. I sat on the bed and she also sat beside me. I started ironing my cloth and she slept on the bed, raising her legs playfully. She was not wearing pants though she had a skirt on.
    “I was aroused by the sight and I put my finger in her private part. I did not use my penis. She started crying and left my room. When her father saw her crying, he wanted to know  what was wrong with her and she said I was the one who beat her. That was when her father noticed that her thighs and skirt were blood-stained.
    “The man caught hold of me and started beating me. I was stripped naked and he was joined by others who also started beating me before I was taken to the police station.
    “My father is a landlord to the father of the girl and when he learnt of what I did, he asked them to take me away. Nothing attracted me in the girl and I cannot really say what led me to such an act. I have never done such a thing before.”

    The father of the girl, Mr. Adebimpe Gafar, also spoke with Crime Reports: “In the morning of May 4, I was in the room with my daughter while her mother who is heavily pregnant was engaged at the backyard. My daughter told me she wanted to urinate and I opened the door for her to go out.
    “About five minutes after, I heard her crying and carried her. To my shock, I noticed blood in her private part and her skirt. When I asked her about what happened to her, she told me it was Afeez who beat her. When I confronted the boy, he initially denied but later confessed to have perpetrated the act.”

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