Monday, 26 May 2014


Wow I find this absolutely unbelievable!! They pictures din't lie, but we know they do these days with photoshop. Anyway here is the story;

A dead drunk driver lost control of the vehicle and fell on the roof of two buildings in Oworonshoki area of Lagos, western Nigeria on Sunday.

According to eyewitnesses, the accident happened around 8.30pm when a yet to be identified driver crashed at full speed on the roof of the buildings.

Despite the fact that at the moment of the accident there were dozens of bystanders, this morning the residents of the area deny the crash.

One of the witnesses claims that the perpetrator of the incident was drunk as the fiddler and when some guys tried to pull him out of the car he was unconscious.

Some beer bottles that allegedly fell out of the car at the time of the accident were seen today on the roof of one of the houses.

The car has the Lagos registration number LND 744 CD.

source: PMNEWS
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