Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Mother of one of the abducted girls in tears

The  Community Head of Chibok, Mr. Hosaih Sambido, on Tuesday in Abuja said some parents of the abducted girls have embarked on hunger strike to protest against the incident. Punch reports that Sambido said this when former Minister of Education, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, led a protest to the Defence Headquarters to demand the urgent release of the girls.

Sambido, who broke into tears while pleading for help from the military, said the development had instilled fear among female students in the area. He said some parents have refused to eat as a result of the development.
Sambido said:

     “Since April 14 we have entered this trauma which is no more news in the whole world that insurgents came and set part of our village ablaze and cart away 276 girls. Though 53 of the girls escaped on their own effort but up till now we don’t know where the rest girls are and the situation they face.

    Their parents cannot do anything. Some have refused to eat. Some of the men mobilised themselves and went to the forest twice but they came back because the kidnappers are too strong.

    But up till this moment, there is nothing like any rescue process. We are begging the Federal Government and the army to intervene in this matter. Our community is relatively small and if this generation of the same age is out, in the future where are we going to get the leaders? Can our girls go to school now? Please, help us.”
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