Saturday, 3 May 2014


 A renowned Islamic Scholar Sheikh Ahmed Abubakar Gumi has said that the abduction of school girls from Chibok, Borno will bring an end to the dreaded Boko Haram activities.

In a statement in Kaduna, Gumi said the abductors are for the first time confined in a space, the Sambisa forest, therefore security agents should grab this opportunity, encircle the all outlets from the forest and use aerial surveillance that would lead to the capture of the insurgents.

"This abduction is an end game for whoever is responsible for the killings, bombings and terror all over in general. The abductors whoever they may be are confined in space and time for the first time. The abducted girls are known, therefore, lies will have to end. The abductors must be identified. These girls hold the answers to all the melodrama that is called war against Boko Haram.

"Therefore, I see this is the end game of the saga called Boko Haram. There will be surprises definitely!" he said.
According to Gumi, the girls when freed will talk and nobody in the system wants free flow of information on the true nature of things, adding that he was surprised there's been no free interviews with the ones who
He criticised the government for not taking responsibility or honourably resigning for more responsible officials to clear the mess
He wondered why the military has not used the drone developed and manufactured by the Nigeria Air Force Institute of Technology in Kaduna or sought help from the United states.
Gumi however prayed for Allah to ease their release and protect the nation from criminals and irresponsible officials.
Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army has concluded plans to storm Sambisa Forest with about four battalions this weekend in ordere to secure the release of the abducted 234 students of the Government Girls’ Secondary School (GGSS), Chibok, Borno State.

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