Thursday, 15 May 2014


Baby Survives After Falling From 11-Store
15 month-old Musa Dayib

A 15-month-old baby miraculously survived after falling from the 11th floor of an apartment house in the city of Minneapolis in the United States.

Presumably, Musa Dayib, slipped into the hole between the balcony railing in the apartment where his family lives.
A baby got injuries and multiple fractures, as well as breach of the lung.
However, a small child survived to its flexible backbone and the fact that it fell on a relatively soft surface.

Baby Survives After Falling From 11-Store
He fell off the balcony of this apartment building

Doctors say he is in critical but stable condition and called his recovery a miracle.
As noted by one of the surgeons, for an adult person such a fall would most likely ended in death.
The incident had happened when the baby's mother was out and father was in another room of the apartment.
It was learnt that the parents' older child opened the balcony door that enabled little Musa to sneak out.

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