Tuesday, 15 April 2014



The miraculous survival of a 10-month baby, Goodness in the Abuja bomb blasts that occurred yesterday left many speechless.

The mother of the miracle baby, it was gathered was one of the petty traders at the Nyanya bus park who was however among those killed in the blasts, which claimed 71 lives and left 124 injured.
It was learnt that the mother of Goodness was holding the baby at the time of the incident.
The 10-month baby who was among the victims taken to Asokoro General Hospital after the attack was reported to have been found among the mangled remains of the victims of the bomb blast by emergency workers.
The little baby was identified by a man who later showed up at the hospital and claimed to be her father.

The only visible injury on her was one of her eyes which was swollen as she is still being treated by nurses at the Hospital as at Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile the nurses said the man who showed up as her father will have to obtain appropriate police report backed up by all the necessary evidence before the child can be released to him.
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