Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kenyan Female Police Gets Slammed For Wearing Butt Hugging Uniform (PICTURED)

Social media has been buzzing lately with photos of Linda Okello, a female Kenyan Police Officer in her tight fitting, butt hugging uniform. The officer based in Kiambu also got the attention of her superiors who are not smiling over her sexy package.

According to sources, the female officer was on Monday whisked away in four land cruisers. The Police IG, Grace Kaihndi is not happy with her officer. She insists that "some items of clothing and accessories were tarnishing the good image of the service" quote by IG kaihndi.
Okello will need to face though disciplinary measures in Nairobi.

This despite the fact that the uniform was supplied by the government, pending the decision of the disciplinary committee, Okello has been transferred to Mandera, a zone considered a punishment zone.

Do you consider this indecent exposure?
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