Sunday, 20 April 2014

In Nigeria Are We Governing Land mass?--Joseph Britto

The National Conference is supposed to an avenue for all Nigerians to air their view on issues affecting this great country Nigeria, but it seems most of us have left it in the hands of the few men and women at the conference. Mr. Joseph Britto is of the view that he can indeed contribute without earning the N12b.
Below is an observation by this blog visitor, he sent it to the on going National Conference, he sent me a copy because wanted us to share, comment and reflect on it.

"I am very happy that this opportunity is created. There is something that has been worrying me for a very long time now and I will like you to look into it at this conference.

There are 774 LOCAL GOVERNMENTS in Nigeria and the resources of the Nigeria are shared on the basis of that so that governance can get to the people. I believe that we govern people and not land mass. Lagos state has a population of over 16 million inhabitants and they have 20 local governments, Kano state has a population of over 16 million inhabitants and they have 44 local governments. Bayelsa has state has a population of over 3 million inhabitants and they have 8 local governments, etc. I will like the conference to look into the rational behind the sharing of there local governments. Yes Lagos state is small in size and Kano state is big in land mass. In Nigeria, are we governing land mass? I need to be educated please."
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