Sunday, 20 April 2014

8-Year-Old girl Receives Package Of Extra Strenght Condom From Amazon

mother of condom recipient, 8

Police officers and the mother of an 8-year-old girl in Staten Island, New York have been left in shock after a package of extra-strength condoms were delivered with the young girl as the recipient.
Christine Angelides, 38, who accepted the package, delivered by Amazon, initially believed there was a mistake.
However, upon calling the company she was assured that the order was right and there was no error whatsoever.
The alarmed mother is frightened that the package might have been sent by a paedophile and is demanding to know who sent it. However according to law, the company can not reveal the sender.
She said:

    “This is alarming, this could be a person who has done this before, sent this to other
    children, what do I know?” she added. “I don’t know who is behind it. It could be a pedophile.”
    “They were very apologetic, but they couldn’t do anything for me,” Angelides said.
    “If someone can send something to my home, I should be allowed to know who it is,” she added. “I don’t want their credit card number, I just want to know who sent me the item.”

The case is still under investigation.
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