Sunday, 30 March 2014

Zara Raised Over N2.3m for her illness and was optimistic Before Passing Away

Though she was battling an incurable disease, Zara remained confident that her fate could be changed.
In June 2013, she launched an online charity fund account with the target to raise $23,000. (N3,800,000). Before her death, she was able to raise 14,046 (N2,316,000). The donations, according to findings, were made in the space of nine months by 235 people. The highest was $1000.
Most people that donated did so under anonymity. A popular name on the donor’s list is Michael Falleti better known as DJ MightyMike. ‘May the good God heal you my friend‘, he wrote as he donated $100.

Zara also opened a GTBank account for many of her Nigerian fans who did not have access to online card transactions. We are told, a number of decent donations were also made there.
Zara passed away on March 28, 2014.

May your soul rest in peace...Amen

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