Monday, 3 March 2014

"Bible Never Said Do Not Abort A Baby Conceived Via Rape"---Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, yesterday, during Christ embassy's Communion Service answered the question: 'Can a baby that is a product of rape be aborted?'
Using David and Bethsheba's case to answer the question, Pastor Chris said despite David's prayer and fasting, the child who was a result of David's sin still died.
His words:

No child should be brought into this world by force, if a lady has been raped, it is left for her to make a decision of whether to keep the baby or not. If you have never been raped or someone
close to you haven't, you may not agree with this statement .
It is never mentioned anywhere in the bible, to keep a child from a woman who was raped!

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