Monday, 3 March 2014

2 Dead, And Over 40 Injured As Robbers Invade Church In Ibadan

At least six robbers laid siege on the Vine Branch Church, Mokola Ibadan today, killing two policemen and potentially losing two of their own men to fatal gun wounds in a failed attempt to steal the church’s Sunday service offering.
According to a member of the congregation who spoke anonymously with SaharaReporters, the robbers arrived at the church — located on No 1, Olubadan Palace Road, Off Queen Elizabeth Road — at exactly 12:15pm in a Black Toyota Corolla car. Dressed in black suits and white shirts, the gunmen caught the policemen on duty unawares, as they were mistaken for church worshippers.
“The robbers arrived at exactly 12:15pm, some 15 minutes to the end of the second service”, said the source, who sat by the window and consequently watched the whole shock unfold.

“The policemen attempted to resist but two of them were killed instantly, as they were unprepared for that sort of daredevil confrontation in a church and on a Sunday. Six of the robbers entered the church, and there is a possibility that few others remained outside”.
He added that notwithstanding the killing of two of their colleagues, the other policemen fought back gallantly and shot two of the robbers.
“I saw the robbers drag their wounded fellows out of the church when they could not lay hands on the office, and when they got an alert that police reinforcement was coming”, he continued.
“The two robbers who were shot, there is no chance that any of them would survive. They were still breathing when they were being dragged into the Toyota Corolla to escape, but they were very seriously injured. The robbers also rained bullets on the police van in the church. They shot so many times that after they escaped, we were freely picking bullets from the floor”.
The source also said that once the six robbers gained entry into the church, they shot indiscriminately, causing pandemonium that resulted into all manners of bodily injuries to more than 40 congregators.
“The church has five exit points, and these robbers came in through three. This meant that more than 1,000 worshippers had to scuttle for only two doors”, he continued.
“No one was hit by a bullet, but there was a stampede. Many people tripped. Some others were suffocated, and they fainted.  Some sustained bruises, others sustained sprains. I was lucky only to have sustained minor bruises and sprained my leg, and I’m sure they heal fast”.

The more-than-40 injured worshippers were rushed to the hospital adjacent to the church, which is owned by Pastor of the church, Sola Kolade and his wife, who are both medical doctors.

Source: Sahara Reporters
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