Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Barack Obama Becomes The Unwitting Face Of contraband Viagra In Pakistan

Packaging: President Barack Obama seems to channel 007 in this design for packaging of contraband Viagra in Pakistan

Obviously the Pakistanis know the strength of Obama and America and are willing to accept it that to me is  wisdom. As Pakistanis are portraying by this marketing innovation.
Report from Mail online

Inspired no doubt by his position as the world's most powerful man, Barack Obama has become the unwitting face of contraband Viagra in Pakistan.
Apparently a symbol of strength and virility, despite the United States' questionable reputation in Pakistan, Obama's face has become emblazoned across the packaging of the little blue pill in stores across the nation.
Other versions of the famous anti-impotence drug show the 44th president as a mash-up of Britain's famously promiscuous secret agent, James Bond, holding his PPK handgun.

According to the French news agency AFP, the Obama Viagra has become rife in Peshawar, the notoriously hardline capital of Pakistan's Pashtun region.
At $1 for four tablets, the contraband Viagra market is booming in Pakistan, despite the little blue pill being officially banned across the nation.

Yes! Barack Obama's image is used to promote and sell Viagra to the men of Pakistan who want to improve their sexual performance

However, the pill is smuggled in through Afghanistan and some are pharmaceutical copies - while others are made of completely unknown chemical - which could have disastrous side-effects.
'People use it here in Pakistan because, the pills do several things. They help anyone who is unable to have sex and improve the duration for those who have ruined their youth through masturbation,' said Ehasn Ullah, a shop-keeper.
'So people use them to prolong their staying power to thirty minutes or one hour.'
Ironically though, the Obama Viagra has become popular among those who the drug is not intended for - the young.
Which has led to some in Peshawar becoming concerned as to why it is still on sale in the conservative Muslim city.
'It's very bad that shopkeepers are selling Viagra, its wrong and the government should ban it. They have paralyzed men's sexual organs,' said local man Saeed Ahmed

Superman: Pakistan has become flooded by products designed to help the impotent
'Paralyzed people's legs and genitals.'
Others though, have tried to find socio-economic reasons why the young are increasingly turning to the Obama Viagra.
'Young people are taking Viagra because of terrorism and unemployment. Bomb attacks are making them so depressed. And because of that they are feeling some weakness in their marital life,' said Dr. Samiullah Khan

Powerful: President Obama's likeness is being used to sell Viagra in Pakistan

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