Friday, 21 February 2014

3-Year- Old Youtube Star Maddie Tippett Dies Of Common Cold (WATCH HER VIDEO)

Legacy of laughter: Maddie Tippett's parents believe their late daughter, who died of a common cold on Tuesday, brought so much joy to the world through her hugely popular video

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The parents of a three-year-old girl, whose YouTube video attracted more than nine million views online, are grieving after the toddler died suddenly from two strands of the common cold.
Maddie Tippett, from Newcastle, Australia, became an instant Internet sensation after going toe-to-toe with her father, who was trying to trick her into saying she loves him more than her mother.
During the two-minute video, called ‘Who’s Your Favourite?’, her father Mick attempts every trick in the book to get his three-year-old daughter to say she loves him more than Mum – but the cheeky and clever wit from the youngster leaves her father sighing at his repeated failed attempts.

After continually replying ‘Mum’ to her father’s question, Maddie does succumb towards the end – but then cheekily retracts it by saying she is ‘kidding’.
The hugely popular video has been watched by 9.5 million people since Mr Tippett posted it in January 2012, with it gaining a cult following after featuring on a number of morning television shows around the world.

Tragically, Maddie died suddenly on Tuesday night after displaying ‘cold-like symptoms’.
Her parents took her to the GP on Monday, who told them it was nothing more than a virus.
But when Maddie’s condition worsened that night, her parents quickly rushed her to John Hunter Hospital – where doctors discovered two strands of the common cold had taken hold and one of them was attacking her heart.
Mr Tippett said the virus was ‘too much’ for his little girl and she ‘conked out’ a short time later.
Maddie’s mother Kerryn said despite their unspeakable grief, they would take heart knowing their little girl brought so much joy to the world through her YouTube video.
‘Part of me feels that Maddie was meant to change the world and I feel sad that she didn’t get the chance,’ she told The Daily Telegraph through tears yesterday.
‘But then I think in 10 years’ time someone will be having a bad day at the office and sit down and click on that video and it will cheer them up. That will be her legacy.’

The Tippett family have been inundated with messages of support and online tributes since the tragedy – not only from family and friends but from strangers overseas who were touched after hearing about their story.
One friend, John Palmer, posted on Facebook: ‘In your three short years you touched the souls of thousands of people with your infectious smile and wonderful, adorable personality.’
Others posted online: ‘Best wishes to the family at this time in their life xx Thank you for sharing your little angels beauty and joy with the world…I know she brightened my world and am sure her beautiful soul has also enhanced the lives of many more.

Gone too soon: Maddie Tippett died on Tuesday from a common cold. The youngster became a YouTube sensation after a hilarious video her father posted of her in January 2012 was viewed by 9.5 million people

Angel: YouTube star Maddie Tippett died suddenly on Tuesday night after contracting a common cold. Doctors said the virus was attacking her heart
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