Saturday, 1 March 2014

10 Celebrities Who Should Never Have Had Plastic Surgery (BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS) PART 2

This is the concluding part of 10 celebrities who should never have  had plastic surgery if you missed the frist part you can read it HERE

6. Donatella Versace

Celebrities Before and After a Plastic Surgery (21 pics)

Donatella Versace, vice president of the famous Versace fashion brand, is no stranger to plastic surgery. Since the 1990s, Versace has had numerous procedures that have distorted and disfigured her face.
Her over-the-top procedures have placed her at the top of the list every time an article or news story investigates celebrity surgeries gone bad. The most ridiculed change has been her overdone lips that are larger than those of a largemouth bass.
You have to wonder if she is pleased with the changes.

7.Tara Reid

Why celebrities who are perfectly beautiful au-natural should feel the need to mess with their bodies remains a mystery. However, perfection is an endless pursuit in Hollywood. Some stars, like Tara Reid, do not realize that they never needed to pay for perfection.
They already had it. Nonetheless, this American Pie star felt she lacked perfect breasts and stomach. After botched augmentation and body sculpting procedures, she had to have more reconstructive surgery to fix the mess that plastic surgeons had made of her once envied body.

8.Jennifer Gery

Nose jobs in Hollywood are as common as BMWs on Rodeo Drive. That does not always mean this surgery is a necessary or good thing. Jennifer Grey soared to popularity when she played Patrick Swayze's love interest in Dirty Dancing.
What also gained notoriety was her unique look that was most attributable to her nose. Unfortunately, Jennifer Grey sought a more symmetrical and stereotypical beauty. Though her post-surgery nose is quite pretty, it has done nothing to land her anymore leading roles.
In fact, it made her ordinary in an industry where you have to stand out to get noticed.

9. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan Before And After Plastic Surgery

Since the beginning of her career, Meg Ryan has been touted as the girl next door. However, even the girl next door could not overcome the pressures to stay forever young. Ryan received Botox shots, attempting to make her lips appear more kissable.
Instead, she somewhat resembled the joker from Batman cartoons. Unfortunately, Meg Ryan did not stop there. When comparing before and after pictures from several years ago, it appears that Meg Ryan may have had cheek implants or another plastic surgery procedure that added volume to her cheeks.
Ryan had the potential to age beautifully, but the desire to remain young destroyed her looks and deadened her career.

10. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling plastic surgery

During her 90210 years, Tori Spelling played the sweetheart of Beverly Hills. In an effort to add sex appeal to her girl-next-door persona, Tori had a noticeable breast augmentation. Sadly, the procedure was botched and resulted in a noticeable chest depression.
It took Spelling a few years to admit she had the procedure done. She eventually sued the doctor responsible for the surgery. Surprisingly, Spelling has had several other noticeable procedures over the past several years.


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