Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Read Buhari's Response To #Babawhileyouweregone Hashtag

 At the weekend, Nigerians used the trending hashtag #BabaWhileYouWereGone to update Gen. Muhammadu Buhari the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress in 2015 election on all that happen while he was away in London.
Here's his response to the hashtag:

Many thanks to my supporters for the #BabaWhileYouWereGone updates this weekend. They have made my day #GladToBeBack - GMB

    I am heartened to see that good humour and resolve rest deep in the hearts of those who seek Change. #BabaWhileYouWereGone - GMB

    Despite the sticks and stones, we choose to remain focused and direct our energies into forging a bright future #BabaWhileYouWereGone - GMB

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