Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mother Allows Boyfriend To Rape 3-Year-Old Daughter To Death (PHOTO)

A reckless mother, Melanie Emerson, has been arrested after her boyfriend, Rhasean Lowry, raped her 3-year-old daughter, Tatiana, to death with her consent in an act of child BDSM gone wrong.

The toddler was raped to death police swiftly arrested Lowry for the crime but her Melanie's arrest is coming after her five-year-old son, TrayVon, told the police that Lowry routinely abused him and his sister with their mother watching.

Lowry, who was in a relationship with Tatiana’s mom, according to Times Free Press, was charged with felony murder, aggravated child abuse, rape of a child and making false reports in connection to the girl’s death.

In an effort to avoid responsibility, Lowry told police the girl had fallen down the stairs while he was
caring for her, but surveillance video at the hotel he was staying at did not corroborate his claims.

The video only showed Lowry carrying the girl’s lifeless body down the stairs on his way to bringing her to the hospital.

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