Monday, 9 March 2015

"Most Men Are Not The Father Of Their 1st Child" - DNA Expert Reveals

 How will you feel to raise a child only to find out he is not yours. Lagos DNA expert, Dr. Oyinwola Azeez has revealed something thought provoking. According to Dr. Azeez 40% of the first borns are not from their so called fathers. He spoke to City People Magazine from his Lagos based hospital. Read him:

I can tell you this happens to so many men. Do you know that 40percent of most of the first born don’t belong to their so called biological fathers; all over the world, reason? Most of the ladies often have one or two boyfriends, he said.

Mr Oyinwola however said he ventured into the trade after his own personal experience. He lost his wife and decided to give another woman a chance. He met this lady in London and invited her to Germany when he went for a visit. She came, they made love and that was it. After one year she called him to say, well that night’s love making has resulted into twins, he was shocked and then said okay.

After a while, he flew to London at exactly when the twins were one, he went with one of his friends and they had a birthday celebration for the kids. He started taking responsibilities, after two years he bought her a car.

After the whole scene, it was already four years that he lost his wife and wanted to give marriage a second chance. So he flew to London again, but before flying he told his brothers about the twins and said, he will carry out a DNA test, and if they were his he will be bringing them home, his brother agreed and he left.

When he got to London, they went for a DNA test, while waiting for the test, they flew to Italy for dinner. After a while when they got back to London, he remembered the test and said, Lady let me check my mail, lo and behold the kids were not his. He was disappointed and he left.

But before then, he was already planning to move her in to Nigeria. She was already dictating to the carpenter the way she wanted her room to be and so on. The whole plans got shattered because she lied, that was how I would have been training another man’s children, he explained.

***Similarly, I was glued to my radio during a family section program and heard another shocker; A woman was married to a man and they had Four (4) kids. All Four children do not belong to the man and all Children had different fathers.

So here was my thought, Perhaps the man was incapable of having children and the lady doesn't want to lose her husband and her home. If she had fathered the children via One man, then I Can categorically tag her a "A heartless cheat". Mind you, she still cheated but maybe compelled to do so due to prevailing circumstances.

But these are my thoughts, what will you do as a man, if you discover that you aint the father of your first son or Four children?

Dr. Oyinwola Azeez Oni is one of Nigeria’s leading medical laboratory scientists. He currently runs a popular medical laboratory called NAZO Medical Diagnostic Services in the Abule Egba area of Lagos, Off Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way, alongside other related businesses like NAZ Health Support Services Ltd, AZO Diagnostica Ltd, and NAZO Engineering Services Ltd.

A 1982 Hematology graduate of School of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Ife (now O.A.U.), he is a fellow of Medical Laboratory Scientist (1983) with a Doctorate Degree in Health Support Services Management from Columbus International University, Virgin Island, UK (1982).

He has worked at various medical laboratories – Private and Government, in Nigeria as a Scientist and was once a Lecturer in the school of Medical Laboratories, University of Ife (O.A.U.). He was once a member of the Lagos State Blood Transformation Committee (2005-2011), Chairman Lagos State Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors and Vice Chairman, South-West Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors.

So reliable is his medical lab that many reputable companies and embassies send their staff there to do medical test. Although they are good at doing all sorts of medical tests, many people go to them for blood tests and DNA testing. Because one out of 10 persons is in doubt as to who is the Father, therefore Paternity Testing is inevitable at any stage as this will surely bring Peace of mind and prevent future confusion, embarrassment and fear.

To be able to achieve this, Nazo Medical Diagnostic Services, Lagos – Nigeria is in partnership with DNA Diagnostics Center of UK, which is one of the most experienced and innovative DNA Testing Laboratories in the World. It is ISO – 17025 accredited and have a highly experienced team of Scientists. DNA Diagnostic Center has been testing DNA for over 50,000 DNA tests.

What is DNA testing? DNA testing is the most advanced, technique of establishing or disproving a biological relationship. DNA testing analyses DNA (deoxyribonucleic Acid) and accurately identifies relationship between people from their own unique and individual DNA. Each of us father and the remaining half from our mother allowing your DNA to be matched against other individuals to confirm if there is a biological relationship.

 Last week, Dr. Oyinwola Azeez Oni spent 3 hours with 2 City People Senior Staff, SEYE KEHINDE and WAHAB BASHIR who had gone to interview him on the many controversies surrounding Blood test and DNA testing in Nigeria.

Your hospital has a good reputation as a place where anyone who wants to do DNA can come to. What was the attraction you had for taking up doing DNA testing in your diagnostic centre?

How I got to take up doing DNA is an interesting story which all man should learn from. In most cases they do it abroad. But we do it here! The story of how I began to do DNA testing for other people started from me. And I want to give myself as example. I lost my wife about 6 years ago.

About that time there was a lady I have known for long in Nigeria, but who now lives in the UK. I now said I will be in Germany on so, so, so date. Can you come and meet me. She said she will come. She came. In November, we were together for 4 days. She left. I left. I got back home, I lost my wife 4 weeks after that.

Then, she became pregnant. She didn’t tell me. She waited for a year.After a year she said she just wanted me to know that what she did in Germany, she now has twins for me – a boy and a girl. I said now I can’t say anything I am bereaved. Give me time. How do you want my in-laws to react?

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