Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Citizen's Open Letter To Patience Jonathan (MUST READ)

Dear Patience Faka Jonathan,

How is everything going for you and the rest of the people in Aso Rock?
I write this letter in response to your statement, "We are not conductors so we don't ask for change". I just want to tell you that in the real sense of it, bus conductors do not ask for CHANGE. It is usually the passengers who ask for CHANGE.

Your husband, Goodluck Jonathan was chosen as the driver to convey Nigerians to their destination; PDP was appointed the conductor; and the Nigerian masses were and are still the passengers. As passengers, we had paid our bus fares in 2011 using the vote currency and now, we are asking, demanding for CHANGE as we approach our destination, 2015.

Oftentimes, bus conductors do not agree to give the passengers their CHANGE easily (at least not
without a fight or exchange of words ). Like the bus conductors we know, PDP does not intend to give us the CHANGE that is due us even when they know this is the right thing to do.

But we the Nigerian Masses (who live without basic amenities; who are unemployed; who do not feel secure at home and in public places; who have been designated as targets for shooting practice etc.) have decided to get our CHANGE from the conductor (PDP and Cabals).

You see the wind of change has so caught with you. This is why even you ought to vote for CHANGE.

Thanks for gathering your things as you prepare to quit Aso Rock back to Otuoke or Okrika, the choice is yours

Yours sincerely,
Lookman Alawaye Esq.

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