Saturday, 7 February 2015

PHOTOS: The Rope Saddam Hussein Was Hanged To Be Sold For Over $7 million

The rope Saddam Hussein was hanged with is reportedly being sold for more than £4 million.

Despite the Iraqi dictator having been executed in 2006, interest in him is apparently still very much alive and someone has reportedly agreed to pay $7 million (£4.6m) for the rope used to put him to death.

You can still bid on the item in the ongoing auction, with wealthy parties from Kuwait, Iran and Israel thought to be interested.

The object currently belongs to Dr Mowaffak al-Rubaie, a former security advisor for Iraq, who led Hussein to the place where he was killed.

He decided to keep the rope afterwards (which in hindsight appears to have been a great idea) and he apparently wants more than the $7 million currently on offer, the Middle East Eye website reported.
Interest for the rope emerged after images of the doctor standing next to a Saddam statue with it around its neck were taken.

Hussein was hanged after international forces invaded Iraq in 2003

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