Friday, 27 February 2015

PHOTO: This Guy Posted Google+ Review Of Hotel He Caught His Wife Having An Affair With Her Boss

One hotel will presumably be fairly happy with the review they received on Google+ recently, in which a man praised the ‘luxurious double bed’ and ‘lovely bath’.

Sadly he also used the reviewing platform to tell the world that he discovered his wife was sleeping with her boss in said hotel.

The unnamed man claimed his wife ‘stayed in bed with [her boss] until almost checkout’, as well as ‘drinking at the bar and having sex in the lovely bath’.

Unfortunately for her the room was charged to her husband’s credit card and reimbursed by her company, meaning he saw both their names on the bill.

The man even warns other philandering couples to be aware that ‘the record of their stay is documented in detail’.

We can safely assume the man filed for a divorce shortly after this passive-aggressive review. But hey, at least he now has minor internet fame!

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