Friday, 20 February 2015

Mugabe To Serve Guests With Elephant Meat For His 91st Birthday; To Cost $1 Million

Partygoers at the 91st birthday party of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe are set to dine on elephant, after a farmer donated the unusual delicacy to the lavish bash.

Tendai Musasa confirmed to the Zimbabwe Chronicle that he has donated game meat and a lion trophy worth £78,000 to the event.

Musasa provided a total of two buffaloes, two elephants, a lion, five impalas and two sables.

Describing preparations for the event, he added that the animals would be slaughtered a few days before the birthday bash, and stored by a local hotel.

He also dismissed complaints from local farmers that the donation would affect their income, labelling them ‘enemies’ of the president. Robert Mugabe tells Zimbabwe poll sceptics to 'go hang'

Speaking to the Guardian, a spokesman for the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said: ‘I am not in favour of anyone donating wild animals for a celebration or for any other reason.

‘They have been doing this for years now. Every time there is a celebration or on Independence Day, several elephants and buffalo are killed for the celebrations.

‘This is totally unethical and should not be allowed.’

Mugabe is renowned for hosting typically lavish birthday parties, despite his country’s extreme poverty.

Last year, £600,000 was spent on the celebrations, which saw 90 balloons being released into the air at a stadium near the capital of Harare.

At his 89th birthday party, he was presented with an 89kg cake.

This year's birthday bash is estimated to cost 1 million dollars!

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