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The whole episode started when two sisters found themselves dating the same man, even though one of them was married she would not leave the 'lucky' guy for her unmarried sister. They all work in the same office.

Amazingly the man in question is a known playboy who got fired earlier in the year for other scandals involving other workmates. The leaked video was however shot in 2012, before Robinah got married.....Read:

 Sanyu Robinah Mweruka (TV show presenter / news reader on Aagataliiko Nfufu (News without dust)) fell out with her sister Cathy Nabunya (also of Agataliiko mu ttuntu (News in the Evening)) over a male workmate called Semei Wesali.

Semei was Bukedde TV station manager until early this year when he got fired for other sex scandals with workmates. These two sisters had an affair with Semei which triggered fury between the two. Cathy was so bitter owing to the fact that her sister Robinah was married and she is hitting on her catch. She began sending threatening messages to Robinah using a phone line that would go off after sending messages. Sanyu reported the matter to Nansana police which traced the mystery phone number to Cathy´s house girl.

Cathy Nabunya was arrested and accused of threatening violence and later released on police bond. Despite all this, Robinah didn't back off from Semei which prompted the sister to pass word on to Mr Pascal Mweruka (Sanyu´s husband) that Robinah was cheating on him with several men including one university director. These allegations were denied by Robinah before her husband.

The situation got intense and Robinah reported to the Vision Group Human Resource manager that two work colleagues have been threatening her life. she supported her claim with police evidence from Nansana and got two girls (Cathy inclusive) suspended for three days and later permanently fired. Meanwhile Cathy had heard of a sextape between Robinah and one Kasumali (also known as Ongom Kizito) which secret the two sisters intimately shared when they were still in good terms.

Kasumali, the man in the video

Kasumali also works with Bukedde TV in the production department and has a private audio studio where the video was shot in 2010. The firing of Cathy and another girl pushed them to the edge, Cathy then remembered there was a sextape which was captured by one Phillip.

To pay Robinah back in the same currency, they got in touch with Phillip and got the tape,then furiously passed it on to Angel Saava of Kamunye tabloid in Namanve, who is also a former employee of Bukedde newspaper. Angel called Robinah and demanded for a bounty of Sh50m to sit on the story which was later negotiated to the tune of Sh20m.

Arrested for blackmail and the video leak

Following that blackmail, Robinah consulted one of her mentors Bakayimbira Drama actor´s Charles Senkubuge Siasa who advised her to drop the offer and let the paper publish what they wanted because to him, there was no assurance that they wouldn't torment her after years. Kamunye newspaper published the first story with an intention of to see if Robinah would respond with cash.

There was no response. The rumour of the leaked tape reached one Hajat Hadijah Nabukenya who is supposed to be Robinah´s immediate boss but was also not in good terms with her. This is the person believed to be behind the fueling of this whole saga. It´s said Nabukenya once asked her bosses to scrap Robinah off her role of presenting "Omuntu wa bantu (Interview of a Prominent person show)" and be replaced by Singer Mariam Ndagire which move was rejected by management because to them, Robinah was presenting well.

A crisis meeting was held this week to save the name of Bukedde TV and find means how this whole saga can come to an end without further affecting the already tainted brand. A proposal was brought forward to host Mr & Mrs Mweruka on "Akabinkano (Debate show)" The Idea was; the couple comes to TV and disown the sex tape claiming they are happily married then go back and sort the issue out of media. This move was rejected because print & social media couldn't be silenced that easily. It was later decided that they interview the Mwerukas and publish their interview in print media both Vision Group newspapers (Bukedde and New Vision).

Robinah and her husband

Throughout this whole saga prominent figures have spoken to Robinah Mweruka including mama Fiina who visited her early this week. Remember Maama Fiina had her nude pictures circulating in similar circumstances sometime back, having gone through the same, she came to console her with expertise. Among other prominent people were Bishop Sekamanya and Robert Kabushenga the Vision Group boss himself. It so happened that all this happened while Robinah was on leave and was due to report back to work this week but management gave her an extension leave to heal. An insider has told me that Vision Group (Owners of Bukedde TV, Bukedde and New Vision newspapers) doesn't interfere with employees private life and that's why in the meeting that was held this week an investigation committee was set up to see who is at the centre of leaking these negative info to media.

In other words, Hajjat Hadijah Nabukenya is under investigation for reportedly fueling the leaking of her subordinate´s sex tape which has tarnished the name of the company. As per now Robinah still has her job intact because she actually didn't breach any company rules but who knows what the future holds. Meanwhile while she is away on holiday,Mariam Ndagire is set to sit in for her on "Omuntu wa abantu" for an unspecified period.

 Robinah is reportedly under 24/7 tight supervision in fear of her taking own life. There are visible signs of depression surrounding her.

Though the Baganda says"ab´oluganda bita, bwebikonagana tebyatika (family members are one and even if they were two pots and knocked together they cannot break)",bino ndaba ga ebyatise. Two family members have shamefully lost their jobs and one´s life is at stake.


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