Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Etreme Parenting? Is This A good Way To Teach Your Kid About The Evils Of Lying

Seems this father knew  his son was lying, to teach him a lesson about the evil of lying, this father tells his  son he will arm himself with a gun and prepare to slaughter an entire family whose son had scared his.
The video is currently trending on youtube, the boy seemed to get the message, he went from being terrified to panicky to bemused relief, here is a transcript of the video. You can also watch the video after the cut:

The boy appears to have made up a story about another kid scaring him, but as the conversation gets heavy he swiftly retracts: ‘Daddy, I can’t believe I’m telling you this but I’m just joking. I got you good daddy, huh daddy?’

But it’s too late. Cue some extreme parenting.

His dad launches into an angry rant about how he’s going to borrow a bow and arrow and a gun and murder the family of the kid who scared him.
‘When I knock him out, I need you to kick him in the head hard,’ he says. ‘I’m going to punch him in the face really hard.

‘We’re going to teach this kid a lesson, he’s never going to make you scared again.

‘We’re going to beat his dad up and his grandpa too. We’re going to beat the whole frickin’ family up – are you ready!?’
Throughout his speech the child persists he was only joking and ‘doesn’t want to be the bad guy’.

Dad continues: ‘I’m going to go home, we’re going to borrow uncle’s gun. It’s too late if you lied about it, now we have to fight and shoot people.’

It all gets too much for the boy who starts crying. Then his dad bursts into hysterics.

‘I got you bad,’ he says. ‘You see what happens when you lie? Don’t lie again.’

The kid’s a good sport about it, replying nervously: ‘You really got me good.’

Point driven home.


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