Saturday, 21 February 2015

Afe Babalola University Students Cry Out Over Hike In School Fees

Some medical students of Afe Babalola University have been crying out to bloggers to get their help in brining to the attention of the public  what they see as extortion by the University. Apparently their school fees was increased today from N1.7m to N2.6m and they are very unhappy about it. Continue...

    "Behold the most expensive university in Nigeria. In view of the current hike in fees which is really bizarre we as students have expressed our sincere disappointment but this is not a single battle. Initially, the fees was approximately N1.7m but rose overnight to N2.6m. Our parents are complaining and we are feeling their pains because they want us to achieve our dreams.

We really need the social media to join us in this battle. This exploitation must stop. We can't protest because we will be expelled" A student wrote in.

Another student wrote;

    "I  a 300level Medical Student at the Afe Babalola University. I would like to use this medium to inform you that there was an increase in the fees of medical students at the clinical level today by over 1.4 million Naira totaling the fee to about 2.6 million Naira.

    There had been an outrageous and unacceptable outcry by the students. Please your support in this fight against extortion and exploitation would be so much appreciated by the entire student community."

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