Thursday, 15 January 2015

Woman Raped In Her Sleep 300 Times By Her Husband(PICTURED)

Sarah Tetley

A 26-year-old woman woke up in the middle of the night one day to realize her husband was molesting her.

Sarah Tetley,  said the abuse spanned a period of  more than two years before she discovered  her husband Charlie had been  molesting her.

Metro reports:

And it was only when she contacted police and he was arrested that she saw the videos he had taken – and realised the horrifying extent of the abuse.

‘In a couple of the videos I watched you couldn’t hear me breathing and I didn’t really appear to be moving at all. I did look like I was dead in some of them,’ she told ITV’s This Morning.

Host Phillip Schofield asked if Sarah had been drugged by her husband but she said test results were inconclusive and she didn’t suspected anything as she never woke up feeling strange.

 Sarah Tetley, was raped and abused by her husband over 300 times during her sleep for a period of nearly two years, but she only realised the extent of the often horrific abuse after her husband was arrested and she had to watch herself being raped over and over again on video.

Charlie is now in prison and Sarah has started a new life away from where the abuse took place. She's here to tell us her horrific story.Mrs Tetley is hoping to raise awareness for abusive relationships such as hers

‘A lot of the videos weren’t just of him but of household objects and things he would decide to do with those. It was quite disturbing,’ she added.

Police recovered 316 videos from Mr Tetley’s computer.

He pleaded guilty to 26 counts of rape and assault and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Mrs Tetley, from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, said she was hoping her ordeal might raise awareness for women in similarly abusive relationships.

‘If in anyway you’re being abused you should tell someone – even if it’s just mentally – whatever kind of abuse it is,’ she said.

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