Thursday, 22 January 2015

PHOTOS: SEE The Weapons Boko Haram Allegedly Captured From The Nigerian Military In Baga

In the latest video from Boko Haram Leader 'Shekau'  he said that claims by the Nigerian Military that they lacked enough weapons to fight Boko Haram was false, that they mere cowards and too afraid to face them in battle.

To prove his point he displayed weapons his group allegedly captured from Baga.

Our security agencies and the government keep claiming that they don't have enough weapons to defeat Boko Haram but the ones they have are been captured by Shekau and his boys.

The photos above are the heavy weapons Boko Haram captured from the military after they attacked and massacred hundreds in Baga. Shekau has just boasted that the weapons they now have is enough to wage a full war on Nigeria.

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