Wednesday, 21 January 2015

PHOTO: Alleged Church Member Cuts Off His Manhood To Concentrate More On Fasting?

 Some online portals reported today that a said 27-year old who is a Redeemer had to cut off his p*nis because it was distracting him from focusing on his 21days fasting due to numerous erections.

He was quoted to have said, the ‘thing’ had a mind of his own and he had to follow the scriptures which says if any part of your body makes you sin against God, cut it off. And since this was distracting him from his fasting and praying, he had to cut it off.

His neighbours first thought he wanted use his manhood for rituals, but when  they found out why he chopped it off,  they had to rush him to the hospital for treatment.

But em, RCCG is not going through 21 days of fasting and prayers, but 40 days fasting and prayers. More so RCCG is not the only church currently fasting for the year in 2015, Make una look for another church mention o...
What about the other wounds he has on his body.

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