Saturday, 24 January 2015

OH MY WORLD!! Guys Can You Rock This Rick Owens New Visible Pe**s Trend (PHOTOS)

I cant believe what I am seeing, this absolutely crazy...This is going to be the trend in 2015?

The hot rising trend in menswear for autumn/winter 2015 has been revealed: visible penis.

At menswear fashion week in Paris yesterday, Rick Owens – lover of grunge sportswear – sent models down the catwalk in monastic-style tunics complete with, um, pubic air holes.

Yes, side-peen is now a thing. Or underd*ck if you prefer.

William Van Meter, who was at the show for The Cut, confirmed: ‘2015 is shaping up to be about the bulge in fashion land.’

He went on to describe it as a sort of religious experience. He writes: ‘a kind of religious tribal element seeped in with shift-like robes, some dangling with fluttering materials reminiscent of wind chimes. Some of them had an arched peephole opening revealing the model’s manhood.

‘This actually heightened the religiosity aspect. It wasn’t done in bad taste, but it was mysterious, like sending out bold fertility gods,’ he adds.
Apparently, it was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment mid-way through the show – and the three exposed penises ‘weren’t the point of the show’ according to Van Meter.

Fashion blogger Susie Bubble was also unfazed. She told Dazed And Confused: ‘I liked that you hardly noticed it. It wasn’t nudity for the sake of nudity. I honestly didn’t see until somebody pointed out the d*** flaps and the undie holes.’

However, some members of the FROW were heard to gasp as they realised what they were seeing.

We’re not sure if it’s a look that’s going to go down well in the bleak British mid-winter but, as Van Meter concludes, it was certainly a fashion first.

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