Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nurse Accused Of Poisoning Three Patients ‘Completely At Random’ (PHOTO)

Victorino Chua, a 49-year-old hospital nurse from Stockport, UK, has been arrested and charged  to court for allegedly murdering  three patients and poisoning 18 others ‘completely at random’ by contaminating saline bags and medicinal as well as deliberately altering dosages of prescription charts.

Arnold Lancaster, 71, Tracy Arden, 44, and Derek Weaver, 83, are all alleged to have died as a result of Chua’s ‘handiwork’ who was employed by Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport

Appearing at Manchester Crown Court, Chua, who was wearing a white T- shirt over a grey sweater, listened as prosecutor Peter Wright QC told jurors that a pattern between the deaths had been established after a full-scale police investigation.

He said: ‘The pieces of the forensic jigsaw began to emerge.

‘The person responsible for each of these matters became increasingly clear. It was, we say, Victorino Chua.

‘As the investigation intensified, the common denominator, the defendant, was shown in sharper and sharper relief.’

The court also heard how other doctors and nurses used the contaminated medicine unwittingly, resulting in a ‘lottery’ as to which patients were harmed.

Chua, who was born in the Philippines, had worked at the hospital in 2009, having emigrated to the UK in 2002.

He has pleaded not guilty to 36 separate charges, including three alleged murders, a count of grievous bodily harm with intent, and 23 counts of attempted grievous bodily harm.

Chau also faces one count of administering a poison and eight counts of attempting to cause the administering of poison.

The trial continues.

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