Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nine-Month-Old Baby Accidentally Shot In The Head By His 5-Year-Old Brother

A nine-month-old boy was accidentally shot in the head by his five-year-old brother with  .22 caliber Magnum revolver, he had found the gun near the bed while his brother was in the playpen. The baby died in hospital after he was airlifted to the hospital by paramedics.

Emergency crews were scrambled to a home in Nodaway County, Missouri, after a woman dialled 911 saying that her five-year-old son had shot her baby in the head with a ‘paintbull gun’, Sheriff Darren White recalled.

But when police and paramedics arrived, it was quickly determined that the child had not been shot with a paintball gun – he had been shot with a .22 caliber Magnum revolver.

‘You know, just some gun safety could have come into play, and would have maybe, you know prevented the situation, but it’s just really sad, altogether,’ neighbour Jessica Hutchinson told KCTV5.

According to White, the older boy had found the loaded handgun lying near the bed while his younger brother was in the playpen.

The nine-month-old was airlifted to Children’s Mercy Hospital where he later died.

Officers said no foul play was suspected and the shooting was accidental.

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