Thursday, 29 January 2015

NIGERIAN RAILWAY CORPORATION: A Transformation Powered By Barefaced Lies- Sunday Akoji

Sony Akonji shared some photos of the transformed/refurbished railway project on his wall yesterday, it appears all the government has been doing is feeding the public with barefaced lies, how long will this continue? Funny enough another friend was at NRC Ebute- Meta where she  says the story was not different....Read them:

Last week Friday President Goodluck Jonathan, represented by his Vice president, Sheikh Namadina Sambo, inaugurated five 68 seater air conditioned passengers coaches and flagged -off the Makurdi - Port harcourt intercity - train services in Makurdi on Friday 23 / 1/ 2015.

The VP sambo, Governor Gabriel Suswam, former PDP Chair, Bamanga Tukur and other Vagabonds In Power (VIP) traveled from Makurdi to Adeke, in the fully air condition coaches.

To demonstrate how serious NRC are, they served champagne, tea and break, liver sauce and other culinary delights as refreshments during the shirt ride.

The following day which was a Saturday, a citizen of the Food Basket went to the train station to book for a journey from Makurdi to Otukpo. He was told by officials of the Nigeria Railway Corporation in Makurdi that; "Oga na wayo dem do una ooooo. Dem just repair the railway track from Makurdi to Adeke only. Shortly after the short journey dem pack the engine and coaches inside containers to unknown destination.

I challenge all Jonahideens to go to Makurdi and snap a picture of the five 68 seater train coaches commissioned by Sheikh Namadina Sambo last week Friday and upload it here let us see.

This Government is fraudulent and peopled by fraudsters! Why count what you plan to do as achievements?

My people look at the rail tracks the train from Port Harcourt to Makurdi is expected to pass?

Does this look like a track that a train can pass?

 Another facebook user on my timeline had a simillar experience when she found herself at Ebute-Meta Railway compound

Her words:
I found myself in the Ebute-Metta Railway Compound, remembered our journeys to Bakori, decided to see the Multi-Billions refurbishment celebrated by PDP, and it was the same story as this Makudi one......the Air conditioned Coaches were not in use and reserved for VIPs (maybe they were same ones used here) and the tracks, Station and Compound were in a story state. Why list as achievement something that doesn't exist and can easily be verified. I didn't go looking just found myself there on transit, my escort took a short cut through the compound and I decided to have a look.

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