Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nigerian Man Who Advertised For Job On London Train Is Now Hiring (PICTURED)

Remember him? Last year I shared his story, he had written a sign detailing his qualification and was at the train station  looking for prospective employers (read it here) looks like it paid see the fresher look?

The newly employed university graduate’s career has come full circle after he returned to hire people at the very spot he stood holding a sign while looking for a job.

Alfred Ajani, 22, gained respect from employers and many on social media when he stood outside London’s Waterloo station with a sign that showed his qualifications last August.

Many were impressed at the unique way he had decided to look for a job and he was soon hired by The Asoria Group, a local recruitment consultant.

Mr Ajani decided to return to the same spot yesterday, but this time he was armed with a different sign that read ‘now I’m hiring’.

‘It feels good to be putting something back and I’m hoping to take the brand to universities over the next year,’ he told Mail Online.

The Marketing and PR Projects Manager had been given the responsibility of looking for new employees for his company as it begins an expansion.

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