Friday, 16 January 2015

Malian Paris Supermarket Terror Attack Hero To Be Given Citizenship(PICTURED)

Lassana Bathily

The 24-year-old Malian Shop assistant, Lassana Bathily, who helped to save the lives of shoppers at the Jewish supermarket during the terror attack at the supermarket by gunman Amedy Coulibaly in Paris will receive the French citizenship as a reward for his bravery.

Lassana who happens to be a muslim hid several people in the freezer of the Jewish supermarket in Porte de Vincennes, turned off the light and told them to stay calm after gunman Amedy Coulibaly shot hostages.

He then escaped to find help and was able to tell police what was happening inside the store.

‘I helped Jews. We’re all brothers,’ he told BFM TV.
A petition was launched after the public learned of his bravery and the Interior Ministry fast-tracked his application.

‘Following the acts of bravery by Mr Bathily during the hostage taking in the Hyper Casher market on Jan. 9, the Interior Ministry has fast-tracked (his) request for citizenship,’ said a spokesperson.

An official ceremony will be held on 20 January.

17 people were killed in three days of violence last week.

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