Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Buhari Beats Jonathan In AIT Online Poll Despite Ongoing Documentary Against Him

Muhammad Buhari of APC is a moving train in this campaign leading to the February 14 presidential election and it's only a quick change of strategy that would help President Goodluck Jonathan.

How else can you describe this shocker? A propaganda campaign is running on AIT against the APC presidential candidate, yet Buhari is defeating Jonathan with over 75% in an online poll that is conducted by the same AIT. This is really serious...

AIT has since last Saturday been running a documentary aimed at digging some of Buhari's past activities while in office. The hour-long documentary, “The Real Buhari”, reportedly costs the Jonathan campaign N5million each time it is aired.

The campaign also made a copy of the documentary available online but rather than do damage to Buhari’s support, it seems to have further emboldened his supporters to troop online to vote massively for him.

In similar online polls conducted by Sahara Reporters, Buhari also defeated Jonathan by a wide margin. Jonathan's camp need to change their strategy, time is running out.

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