Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Woman's Tale Of Horror After Cheek Implants Start MOVING Around Her Face(PHOTOS)

After fillers were removed

A 53-year-old woman from Ireland almost lost her life after a cosmetic surgery procedure where chemical fillers were injected into her face went wrong.

Alex Laird, from Ireland, bought the Bio-Alcamid filler treatment from a London surgeon eight years ago after seeing an advert online.

But a few years later, the chemicals started to move around her face, leaving her with unsightly bumps that quickly became severely infected.

Alex, an accounts administrator, had to be hospitalised twice because the infections were so critical.

She has since had the fillers removed by another surgeon and is on the road to recovery but shared her story on Channel 5's Botched Up Bodies this evening to warn others to do proper research before booking cosmetic procedures.

Alex initially bought cheek implants in the 1980s in order to make her face look less miserable.

Strangers mistook her appearance and would tell her "cheer up" and similar comments.

Alex said she decided to have the implants because she always wanted "big cheekbones" and didn't want to look sad.

Before fillers were removed

She was initially delighted with the results, but as time went on she became increasingly unhappy about her appearance again and turned to the internet for a solution.

Her family and friends told her that was being ridiculous, but her mind was made up and she flew to London to meet with a surgeon she found on the internet who did Bio-Alcamid fillers.

She was told the fillers were completely safe and she had injections in her jaw, cheeks and around her eyes and temple.

Again, she was initially pleased with the results before the fillers started to swell and move around her face.

She underwent several procedures after suffering two life-threatening infections caused by the fillers during which she was "overwhelmed with fear".

In a bid to get her botched face fixed, Alex visited cranial facial surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick, in London, who carried out a a mid-facelift to help counter any sagging caused by their removal.

Now that the filler is all removed Alex says she feels much less anxious - although she is still concerned about the swelling around her eyes.

But she's been assured that her recovery could take six months.

She said: "I do think I made a mistake all those years ago - definitely - having that stuff put in my face.

"I think permanent filler equals permanent problems. I would never advise anyone to have it done."


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