Saturday, 24 January 2015

19-Year-Old Student Left Gifts For Her Parents Before Taking Her Own Life

A 19-year-old girl, Madison Holleran, described by her father as talented has  committed suicide, she  left gifts for the family before taking her life, her parents have said.  The and track-and-field athlete at the University of Pennsylvania, jumped to her death from a car park last January.

And in an interview with People magazine, Madison’s parents said their daughter had left presents for the family before she died – gingersnap biscuits for her grandparents, chocolate truffles for her father and necklaces for her mother.

‘Madison was the happiest kid, you know, when she was happy,’ said Jim Holleran.

‘And if that person would understand what they are doing to their family and their friends and their extended friends, they would not choose suicide if they really understood that they would be gone forever. They would not make that choice, but they are not thinking in their right mind.’

Madison had told her parents that she was feeling suicidal a month before she died. Her father said he had sent her a text message asking her to see a therapist on the day of her death.

Mr Holleran said the family had set up a foundation in their daughter’s memory that helps high school pupils who are suffering from depression.

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