Saturday, 24 January 2015

11-Year-Old Girl Sends Note Asking A Boy If He Likes Her; His Response Is Epic (SEE)

This little girl’s love note was posted on Reddit this week by user Lindsrae. Her friend’s 11-year-old daughter gave it to a boy she fancied at school.

Now, it seems a simple question: do you like me? She even made it easier for the object of her affections by allowing a tick box response.

It’s a classic schoolgirl move, and you might have expected the classic schoolboy response:

 a) he tells all his mates,
b) he asks her to be his GF (they never meet outside school),
 c) he draws mini-phalli all over it.

But her crush’s response was unexpectedly erudite. This man-child is wise beyond his years.

Sorry to break it to you though kid, but you probably still won’t know yourself at 18. Maybe try 45?


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